Born Caleb Joyce, I was raised in the small historic town of Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  Music was always a passion for me growing up, from drumming with pots and pans as an infant, to taking drum set lessons as a teen to performing in front of thousands of people. 

From the beginning, before I was Dubby, I would write a lot of new age rock music with heavy influence from bands such as Limp Bizkit, P.O.D, and Linkin Park.  My writing began making the transition to hip-hop around the 7th grade where my basketball team gave me the name C-Dub which became my stage name as a youngin.

Over the years, I surrounded myself with multiple groups (LBC & Burg City) in attempt to make a name in the industry.  It was the summer before my first year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania that I separated myself as a solo artist, going by the already implanted name, Dubby, to magnify my merge from the “group” scene and into the category of a solo hip-hop artist. 

During my experience as a college student, I began to gain quite a following as a musician.  As an entrepreneur, I created a positive movement for my following and called it Team Loko.  Team Loko has since been branded and turned into a collective LLC with a lifestyle clothing line called Team Loko Apparel as well as an event aspect that sponsors hip-hop showcases and other creative gatherings.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve dropped a handful of projects (chronologically ordered: FFDS, DUBBY, No Notes, The Leak, The Showcase, Corpus Callosum) as well as the 9 O’Clock Drop project series that has been an annual drop since 2012 on youtube.  I’ve also had the honor of opening for a handful of well-respected artists in the game such as Big Sean, Kid Ink, Caskey, Tyga, B.o.B, Futuristic, Chris Webby, Cam Meekins and Talib Kweli.

In the summer of 2016, I plan to release my very first album/EP on iTunes entitled Heart & Havoc.  This project is my pride and joy and has been in the works for over a year now.  H&H will feature the likes of Choo Jackson (Most Dope), M.Maggie (NY), Suzii (Team Loko), Cal Mobley (Team Loko) and Semmi (S.o.b).  The date for this project will be revealed shortly, I promise!

There is plenty in store for anyone who following the movement, from tour dates, to music videos to apparel releases.  Be sure to check out TLA artists BROOKS and Cal Mobley as well as our team store.   

With a motivated team at my six and relentless determination, the possibilities are endless.  Prepare yourself.  Go Loko or stay sane. #TLA